Is Emeka Ossai legit?

Since I’m a foreigner and I live in Ukraine. I’m always on the lookout for innovative ways to make money online. I started this website, wrote a book, tried starting a podcast (that didn’t work).  Looked into Shopify, e-commerce, day trading, teaching English. You name it I’ve researched it or tried it.

One day I came across Emeka Ossai. Emeka was (and still is) pitching the idea of hiring ghostwriters to write nonfiction books for you. I was intrigued by the idea. The first one of Emeka’s videos I watched must have been two or three years old. He was a lot skinnier back then and much more likeable, he didn’t have much of an ego, and came across as honest and genuine about helping people make money online. I was naturally drawn to his uplifting and upbeat personality. We also share a lot in common. We’re close in age, we’re both expats living abroad, we both think outside the box and we even share the same Canadian accent.  

Skinny Emeka was much more likeable

I was excited. Over the course of the next few days, I watched more and more of Emeka’s videos. Became a subscriber and might have even turned on bell notifications. I have always been one those guys that tries everything, so as I was watching Emeka’s videos I was preparing to actually do it. I was running the numbers through my head, leaving comments on his videos, while still leaving a little room for doubt. There were a few red flags that I noticed early on. Like how he charges 400$ for a one-hour Skype call with him, or why all of his recent YouTube videos were flooded with dislikes. At the time I could kinda give him a pass for charging 400$ for a Skype call. Because you know maybe he really does know his stuff, but I couldn’t quite figure out why he had so many dislikes on his videos. I remember someone even asked him in comments why that was and his response was “well if they’re watching my videos I don’t care.”

It was also a bit alarming that he never showed anyone his books on Amazon even though he claimed to be making $15,000 a month. Again someone challenged him on this in the comments. Emeka replied by saying “If I show you my books on Amazon people will try to write in the same niche as me.” I thought that was a pretty good comeback by Emeka, he definitely had a point there. So I remained a curious subscriber.

I don’t claim to be rich and I’m not made of money. I basically survive from month to month. I get a little bit of help from my rental property back home and if I’m lucky I might sell one or two copies of my book each month. So for me to actually go out and spend money on something that’s not a necessity I have to be absolutely certain that it’s not a scam. I always tell myself not to let my emotions get the best of me, but man Emeka had me on so many separate occasions. Just the way he would speak about making thousands of dollars, he made it seem so easy. So many times I was tempted to whip out my credit card and buy his self-publishing blueprint course. I don’t know how I didn’t, but I’m sure glad that I didn’t.

Emeka has this way of speaking where he makes it feel as if it’s your loss if you don’t pay for his course. He spends a lot of time building up the Entrepreneur lifestyle, he’ll say things like “being an entrepreneur is not for everyone it takes a lot of hard work.” That message very subtly leaves you with a feeling of like “Oh yeah I’ll show you, I can do this hard work.” Or he’ll go on and on about how his wife doesn’t have to clean or cook anymore because he’s made so much money that they now have a maid working for them.

But the more I looked into Emeka’s course the more my skepticism began to increase. I started looking into the ghostwriting company Emeka recommends using “The Urban Writers”. Emeka Recommends that you use the premium option on their site so that you can get the best ghostwriter writing your book. Under the premium option, a 20,000 worded book costs 578$ 40,000 words cost 1156$. And granted these books are supposedly of excellent quality in spite of the fact that they are completely written, edited and delivered to you within 7 days. But there’s also more too that doesn’t add up. Emeka strongly suggests that you pick a niche that’s not over saturated and have all of your books written on one subject. That way you’ll be the king of that niche. However, Emecka admits that in order to be the king of one niche it will take time and money to corner the market. Your first two books may not net you a profit, but your third book in that niche may takeoff. The idea is that eventually readers will have no other choice but to buy one of your books if they want to read about a particular subject. I was drawn in my Emecka’s honesty on this. I liked how he didn’t claim you could profit 1000$ a month after your first book, and because of his honestly I allowed myself to open up to him a bit more. But as you can probably tell, my thoughts on him were about to change, again.

The numbers don’t add up

I wanted to crunch the numbers financially. I quickly realised that nobody has the attention span or interest to read a 40,000-how to book in 2019. I’d say 5000-10,000 words is much more realistic. And how much can you really charge for a 10,000-word Ebook? Maybe 4$ right? Seeing as Amazon takes about 30% percent of every book you sell that 4$ turns into about 2.80$ of profit for every book that you sell!! 1000 words at The Urban Writers costs 289$ plus tax. Not to mention you still need a cover for your Ebook. If you’re going to be the top seller in your niche you will need to have a good cover, not one of those 5$ ones off of Fiverr. So add another 100$. All told you’re looking at about 389$ plus tax for a book with your name on it that you didn’t even write! Now let’s do the math 2.80/389= 138. You need to sell 138 books just to break even (I forgot to include the taxes oh well) And remember Emeka wants you to publish 3-4 books in that niche so that you own the market. All of this didn’t compute, If you’re going to get good and honest reviews your book has to actually not suck. I just couldn’t see how slapping a book together in one week was going to get you to the front page of Amazon.

So after running the numbers, it became glaringly obvious that there was little to no money to be made in Kindle publishing. I began to ask my self is Emeka Ossai a scammer? I started putting two and two together and realised that all of the dislikes on his YouTube videos were most likely from unhappy customers who had bought his course (which costs 4500$ by the way.) And then I remembered that he was extremely active in the comments on his videos. The comments in all of his videos are extremely positive it’s like a love affair in there. So I suspected that that he was filtering out the negative comments. So I thought I’d put my theory to test by leaving a nasty comment on his most recent video. Well, it wasn’t that nasty at all really. All I did was reply to a guy who was let’s just say overly excited to start Emeka’s program. And Yep it got deleted. So that confirmed everything to me the dislikes, the filtering of comments the whole nine yards. Now, when I look at the poor helpless souls commenting on Emeka’s videos I can’t help but feel sorry for them.

Do these guys look trustworthy?

You see the thing is with people like Emeka it’s not so much what they are selling, it’s the fact that they’re the ones that are selling it. A good car salesman wants you to buy his car, but what you may not realize is that he does this by selling you his charisma and his personality. It doesn’t matter if kindle publish is overflowing with millions of Ebooks already. A salesman will always keep selling, it’s what they do. Emeka could probably sell ice to an Eskimo he’s that good. But since I couldn’t find anything negative about Emeka online I thought It needed to be addressed.

After all,

we are talking about people’s money here.

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