My 2019 NBA awards

I have never enjoyed TNT’s year-end award show. Anytime you put Drake, Nicki Minaj and Kevin Hart in the same room I’m out. But I understand the business side of it, there’s a younger audience that the NBA is trying to reach.

Or perhaps this just another case of Adam Silver trying to be cool again? I have this theory that Adam wants to be hip and cool, and maybe even thinks that he is now. I think he’s one of those guys that can’t put his foot down and go against the public. If the public wants something Adam will do it.

When he first became commissioner I thought to myself this guys not a leader, he’s not a strong person, he doesn’t look like he can say no to people. I mean, look at how he acts during the NBA draft, when a player walks up on that stage, what does he do? He gives them one of those modern handshakes. He doesn’t extend his arm out like a normal boss would after they’ve hired you. No he instantly gives in to what the players want, he wants the players to think, I’m a nice guy I’m cool, I’m on your side.

I know I’m not basing this off of much, but I think we can all agree on one thing Adam Silver is a very strange dude. I mean what do we really know about him?? He talks a lot, but yet he still comes across a very mysterious.

So I did a little digging and found out that he’s 57 years old, grew up a Knicks fan, got married in 2015 and has a daughter named Louise. Hmmm, that sounds normal, right? I guess I don’t have a leg to stand on.

Still, my opinion on him doesn’t change, there’s still something off about him. And I want my credit when he has his Robert Kraft slip up.

Anyways here’s who I think should win each award.

Coach of the year: Doc Rivers

Crazy how the narrative can change so fast, up until this season Doc had been on the hot seat for what the last 4 years? I never thought he was a bad coach before. I just thought he had a bad mix of a mellow, depressing, me first players on his team. This year however the Clippers look energetic, rejuvenated and fun to be around. They exceeded Vegas’s win projection by 15 games this year. Good job Doc!

Most Valuable player: Gaians Antetokombo

I’ve never understood how people can award the MVP and coach of the year to people on the same team. It has to be one or the other. Is it the coach that’s making this player so good, or is it the player himself? If Mike Budenholzer is your coach of the year then shouldn’t that discredit Giannis for MVP a bit? I chose the player in this situation because I think the Bucks would have improved even if they didn’t hire Bud. Remember how much muscle Giannis put on last summer?

The Bucks are a team full of young players entering their primes, they were naturally going to get better. Also to discredit Coach Bud, even more, he replaced a below average interim coach Joe Prunty. Giannis took a step up, Middleton improved, they added Lopez and Mirotic and they had another year to develop chemistry with each other.

Basically, Bud walked into the perfect situation. But wait I’m not done tearing him down just yet. He quit on Atlanta,  I don’t like that. If I was a Gm I would be thinking “Okay this guy is just going to be here when we’re good, but god forbid If I ever want to rebuild, he’s going to be gone.”

Anyways, I gave it to Giannis over Harden because he’s more of a two-way player, but picking Harden is respectable too.

Most Improved player: Pascal Siakam

Okay, I have another issue with this award.  And that is that it’s just kind of pointless. The only players who ever win this award are young players. And they’re supposed to improve. Also, this award very subtly says “hey you sucked last year”. Siakam deserved this award by all means, but I’m sure we will all forget that he won it a year from now.

Sixth man of the year: Lou Williams

This one was easy Lou Williams averaged 20ppg.

Random info:

I’m planning on doing a weekly wrap up on the NBA every week for the remainder of these playoffs. I have a lot of opinions on players and teams so this will be a place where I can jump around from team to team and give my takes on them (not sure what day that’s going to be on).  But I know my next article will be on my second round predictions. You can follow me now on Twitter here:

And as always I appreciate the support you guys have shown me. Thank you.

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