Fantasy football AFC East break down

New York Jets

Head Coach: Adam Gase   Offensive coordinator: Dowell Loggains

Notable Players: Le’Veon Bell, Sam Darnold, Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa, Jamison Crowder, Chris Herndon

With the addition of Le’veon Bell the entire Jets offence should be on the rise in 2019. Are they going to be a top-five offence? Probably not, but they should be able to provide three reliable fantasy players.

One of those players, in my opinion, is Quincy Enunwa. The Jets chose to re-sign Enunwa this offseason to a 4 year 36 million dollar contract. I took that as a sign that the Jets prefer Quincy over free agent Robby Anderson. Quincy played well at the start of the year before being hurt. In his first four games, he caught 36 passes and averaged 69 yards per game. The problem for Quincy has never been his production his real problem is staying on the field. Enunwa missed all of 2017 with a neck injury. If you’re looking for upside Quincy is your guy you can grab him in the 10th round or perhaps even latter.

I also like second-year tight end, Chris Herndon, too, as a rookie he was able to very quietly have a solid fantasy season with 502 yds and 4 TDs. All signs point to Herndon improving off of that this year.

Jamison Crowder is irrelevant to me in fantasy if anything he’s more of a hindrance to Herndon’s and Quincy Enunwas’ fantasy value.

Ultimately the success of the jets this year is predicated on the growth of their young QB Sam Darnold. Darnold will need to work on limiting his turnovers this year and I think Adam Gase will help him with that, but still, he shouldn’t be drafted in 12 team leagues.

Buffalo Bills

Head Coach: Sean McDermott  Offensive Coordinator: Brian Daboll

Notable Players:  Josh Allen, LeSean McCoy, John Brown, Josh Allen, Zay Jones, Cole Beasley

Last year the Bills lacked explosive players on the outside and led the league in dropped balls. So as you can imagine they made it a priority to find new wide receivers. They almost acquired Antonio Brown… but well you know the rest of that story so let’s not go there. Instead, they did manage to sign John Brown and Cole Beasley. I’d say if there’s a  Bills receiver that’s going to be relevant for fantasy it’s got to be John Brown. Simply because Josh Allen has a cannon of an arm and Brown’s specialty is running deep routes.

The Tight End position is looking pretty bleak as of now. The Bills signed former Bengal Tyler Kroft to replace Charles Clay. Whoever ends up being the Tight end though I’m sure will steal some of Cole Beasley’s underneath throws.

At the RB position, LeSean McCoy is still the main man and is about to turn 31 soon. All things considered for where he’s going in mock drafts at the moment he is a little bit undervalued. If you remember last year the Bills tried to trade McCoy at the trade deadline. If things go south early in Buffalo it’s quite possible McCoy could be traded. I would imagine he doesn’t fit into their long term plans.

In a perfect world for the Bills, Josh Allen and John Brown open up the season guns blazing which will then open up the running game for McCoy. It is conceivable as crazy as it may sound because I don’t think people realize just how bad Josh Allen’s receivers were last year.  If you watched the Bills you would agree that the combination of Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones on the outside had to of been the worst in the league.

The stats back it up as well Bills WRs ranked dead last in total yards total catches and led the league in dropped balls. Talk about making your QB look bad or even worse a walking meme like Nate Peterman.

New England Patriots

Head coach: Bill Belichick   Offensive Coordinator: Josh McDaniels

Notable players: Tom Brady, Sony Michel, Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, James White

The Pats tried hard to acquire a big-time receiver this offseason, but every time they tried they came up a  little bit short, eventually, they conceded and decided to bring back the problematic Josh Gordon. Flash as they call him is still waiting to be reinstated by Goodell but if he does play in 2019 it’ll be for the Patriots.

Apart from the Flash and Gronk news, not a whole lot has changed for the Patriots. Fantasy wise this team has become somewhat predictable, we know they’re going to have a running back by committee approach. James White is the pass-catching back, Sony Michel will get the goal-line work and Rex Burkhead will do a bit of everything.

The problem for Pats WRs is that we started to see the Patriots become a power running team towards the end of last season and into the playoffs. I would expect this to continue in 2019 as Brady begins to decline. As a result, Chris Hogan should not be drafted in 12 team leagues. Julian Edelman will have some good fantasy games, but I think they will try to save him for the playoffs. James White-tailed off a bit when Sony Michel was healthy but can still be valuable in PPR leagues. It will be interesting to see what the Patriots do in the draft.  I’ll be sure to update this after the draft.

Miami Dolphins

Head coach: Brian Flores  Offensive Coordinator: Chad O’ Shea  Notable players: Kenyon Drake, Kenny Stills, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kalen Ballage, DeVante Parker, Jakeem Grant

This team is really lacking a proven wide receiver I like Jakeem Grant as a deep sleeper but don’t think you can depend on him. Albert Wilson is gimmicky every time I turned on a dolphins game he was always doing some kind of fake reverse Philly special whatever you want to call it thing. Devante Parker has a bad case of the dropsies. Kenny Stills has reached his prime and isn’t getting any better. If you read the second chapter of my book you’ll understand why I don’t go for players like Kenny Stills.

The running backs are talented but unfortunately, Brian Flores will most likely bring the running back by committee approach from New England to Miami.

The Quarterback is Ryan Fitzpatrick this will be his 8th team overall and the 3rd team he’s played for in the AFC East. He has a tendency to just throw the ball up in the air and hope his receiver makes a play. I really don’t think that’s going to fly here. Things could get real bad in Miami, I mean really bad, but hey I’m sure they’ll beat New England at home again.   

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