Undervalued and Overrated players in fantasy football

Who is Undervalued right now?

Right now, Devonta Freeman stands out to me as being undervalued. This is a guy that was going in the second round just a year ago and now is projected to go in the 5th round. Fantasypros.com has him ranked as the 21st RB. His backfield mate Tevin Coleman is now on the 49ers. So that leaves Freeman and Itto Smith left to shoulder the load. Freeman just turned 27 in March and last time I checked he suffered a groin injury last season, not an Achilles tear or an ACL tear. He should climb up in the rankings as we get closer to the season, but If he doesn’t this is an absolute steal right now.

My next undervalued player is Damien Williams. Chiefs GM Brett Veach said the starting running back job is Damien Williams’ to lose. If Williams can retain the starting job he will most likely be a stud this year. Take a look at what Andy Reid has done with his starting running backs.

YearPlayerRush/Rec totalsTD
1999Duce Staley15676
2000Darnell Autrey6094
2001Duce Staley12304
2002Duce Staley15708
2003Brian Westbrook94513
2004Brian Westbrook15159
2005Brian Westbrook12337
2006Brian Westbrook191611
2007Brian Westbrook210412
2008Brian Westbrook133814
2009LeSean McCoy9454
2010LeSean McCoy16729
2011LeSean McCoy162420
2012LeSean McCoy12135
2013Jamaal Charles198019
2014Jamaal Charles132414
2015Charcandrick West8485
2016Spencer Ware13685
Kareem Hunt
Kareem Hunt

This year might be Andy Reid’s best team ever on paper. And being a starting running back on a potent offence is always a recipe for success. Williams is not a recognizable name and is currently the 22nd ranked running back on Fantasypros.com one spot behind Freeman. Keep an eye on Damien Williams in the coming months.

Nick Chubb, another running back on what should be a splendid Browns offence. Chubb averaged 5.1 yards per carry last season and rushed for 996 yards, despite not being named the starter till week 7. According to pro football focus, Chubb was the most elusive back in the NFL last year.

Undoubtedly at 23, Chubb is a rising star, not to mention The Brows have the potential to be really good this year and if that’s the case they will most likely need to chew some clock in the fourth quarter. Chubb is currently projected to go late in the second round, at best I think he can be a top 5 running back, at worst I think he stays where he is. I don’t see any risk for him at all.

Mike Williams finally a wide receiver makes my list. Williams is the 32nd ranked WR on Fantasypros.com. Rated above him are risky receivers like Sammy Watkins and Doug Baldwin. Neither of them, produced like Williams did last season. Williams caught 10 TD passes last year. And with the departure of Tyrell Williams to the Raiders, things should open up a bit more for Mike. If you’re picking Williams you should also be banking on the fact that he’s going from year two to year three. Year three is typically when wide receivers break out.

D.J Moore Moore is the type of guy that is bound to get overlooked in fantasy drafts, he doesn’t have a fancy name, he doesn’t play in a big market and there is little to no hype about him this year. But very quietly, Moore had 788 yds and 55 receptions last season, all at the young age of 21. He is currently the 26th ranked WR on fantasypros.com. Moore only reached the end zone twice last season, but I’m confident his touchdown total will increase in 2019, as his rapport with Cam Newton is bound to improve. He is the number one receiver on the Panthers, now that Devin Funchess is a Colt.

Who is overrated right now?

Doug Baldwin Baldwin has been on the decline for three years now as the injuries continue to pile up on him, in particular on his knees. And I get that he’s a tough guy and more of a possession receiver, but at some point, you’ve got to be like okay enough is enough he’s not going to bounce back to his 2016 form. This is a prime example of people holding onto the name of Doug Baldwin, you see Doug Baldwin has been a recognizable face in the NFL for years now and sometimes it’s hard to let go of our childhood heroes, but sometimes it’s in our best interests to do so. Fantasypros.com has him ranked as the 24th ranked WR so he’s ahead of players like Jarvis Landry and Devante Freeman which to me is just absurd. If you want to pick a Seattle wide receiver I think Tyler Lockett is the way to go. Tyler is much younger, less injury prone and very quietly racked up 10 touchdowns last season.

Odell Beckham Jr  I’m betting on Beckham’s’ body not being able to hold up for 16 games this year. Since entering the league Beckham has played in 12 games or less in three of his five seasons. Albeit, If his body holds up I’m sure I’ll be eating my words on this one. Playing with Baker Mayfield will definitely help Beckham this year but I just can’t pick him in the first round. I see him as more a second-round player since there are plenty of other players going in the first round that are not nearly as injury prone.   

Todd Gurley Once again Todd Gurley finds himself near the top of fantasy draft boards. This year however there is a real genuine concern about his health, The reports are that Todd’s left knee might have arthritis. I’m no doctor but that seems to make sense since they don’t know when exactly the injury took place. I would expect the Rams to shore up their running back position during the draft and quite possibly use a running back by committee approach this year.

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